air hockey

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  在任何情况下,游戏是一个直接的财务上的成功,由20世纪70年代中期出现在比赛发挥了极大的兴趣。早在1973年,在休斯敦的球员 休斯敦航空曲棍球协会成立,此后不久,得克萨斯州空军曲棍球运动员协会,编纂规则,并促进当地的比赛在休斯敦酒吧Carnabys,Damians,和In any event, the game was an immediate financial success and by the mid-1970s there arose substantial interest in tournament play. As early as 1973, players in Houston had formed the Houston Air Hockey Association, and soon thereafter, the Texas Air-Hockey Players Association, codifying rules and promoting the sport through local tournaments at Houston pubs Carnabys, Damians, and the 休斯顿大学University of Houston的运动。最高竞争力的品质,以确保统一的播放标准,美国航空表曲棍球协会(USAA公司)成立于1975年由研究菲利普“菲尔”阿诺德,主要是作为一个官方认可机构。. To ensure uniform play standards of the highest competitive quality, the United States Air-Table Hockey Association (USAA) was formed in 1975 by J. Phillip "Phil" Arnold, largely as an official sanctioning body. In this way, non-player friendly rules imposed by Brunswick corporation were rendered void, and the sport of Air Hockey was secured under the control of players since that time. Since its inception, the USAA has sanctioned at least one national-level or World championship each year, crowning 12 different champions over 30 years. The USAA remains at present the only recognized worldwide player organization for Air Hockey, and has maintained a close relationship with table manufacturers and event promoters over the years. Today, professional Air Hockey is played by a close-knit community of serious players around the world, with extensive player bases nearHouston, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, New York City, and Boston in the United States of America, Barcelona in Spain, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, and Novgorod in Russia, and Most and Brno in the Czech Republic. From the late 1980s, Caracas, Venezuela served as a hotbed of activity; three-time World Champion Jose Mora, and other finalists originated from there. By 1999 most of the Venezuelan activity had disappeared.